Photo Story – Preserving The Landscape of Downtown Edmonton

Edmonton’s downtown is under what seems like constant construction, with modern buildings continually replacing older ones. While the refurbishments and new constructions are in the majority, Edmonton still has it’s share of older buildings and artwork that bring character to the downtown core. This photo story depicts the mixed bag of both modern and classic buildings, as well as the unique art pieces that are found throughout Edmonton’s downtown. It’s important that the city makes an effort to sustain its older infrastructure to preserve the cultural history of the city, and to maintain the unique appeal of downtown.

Photos by Heather Gunn



The vintage CKUA mural is nestled above new businesses such as the Needle Vinyl Tavern.


The juxtaposition between the classic church and the modern ATCO building shows how diverse the Downtown landscape is.


Cafe Lavi occupies space in the basement of this older brick building, helping to preserve great architecture.


The new Hyatt Place hotel is an ultra modern building near China town, which sticks out like a sore thumb in the aging neighbourhood.


This mural in China Town brings character and fun to an older restaurant building.


The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce that sits among modern office buildings is a perfect example of Edmonton’s eclectic downtown.


This mural that sits on the wall of the Salvation Army is a colourful mix of old and new elements.


The Art Gallery of Alberta is one of downtown Edmonton’s most futuristic buildings.


This women’s rights mural combines classic and modern aspects in the heart of downtown.

DSC_0450A classic Pepsi mural on an older building just next to China town


The downtown location of the Edmonton Public Library is undergoing a major overhaul – the planned design will be very contemporary in style.


“Take a Risk. It’s the most Edmonton thing you can do.” – This bold mural appears on an office building near City Hall.


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