One hour without power

By Anna McMillan Students raced to make the world a better place on March 25. People from MacEwan University, NAIT, and the University of Alberta raced across Edmonton to raise awareness for Earth Hour and environmental conservation. They took on mental and physical challenges linked to the primary pillar of sustainability, promoting Earth Hour (or … Continue reading One hour without power

The Boom of the Cinema

There’s the smell of popcorn, the dusty classy carpets, the audience reactions, the comfort of sitting on plush seats in a darkened auditorium. Even with the rise of radio, television, to eventual digital mediums, people still treasure the experiences that only attending a cinema brings. Movie theatres have been around since the early 1900s, and the craze for films has never quite died. Continue reading The Boom of the Cinema

Sustainable Office Building Coming to Downtown Edmonton

By Heather Gunn Featured Photo by Caleb Fox Across from the MacEwan City Centre campus in downtown Edmonton, there is a tall building made almost completely of glass that has been under construction for over a year. The building’s odd narrow shape has confused students and others who frequent the downtown area, many wondering if it … Continue reading Sustainable Office Building Coming to Downtown Edmonton

Roberta Laurie: How we talk about sustainability matters

Sustainability is gaining popularity in recent years, but how we actually discuss sustainability as a society is not something that is given a lot of thought. Environmental issues are often an inherent part of everyday conversation, with little regard for the ways that diction can change the narrative. Roberta Laurie is a professor at MacEwan … Continue reading Roberta Laurie: How we talk about sustainability matters

Photo Story – Preserving The Landscape of Downtown Edmonton

Edmonton’s downtown is under what seems like constant construction, with modern buildings continually replacing older ones. While the refurbishments and new constructions are in the majority, Edmonton still has it’s share of older buildings and artwork that bring character to the downtown core. This photo story depicts the mixed bag of both modern and classic … Continue reading Photo Story – Preserving The Landscape of Downtown Edmonton

Pillars Pod: Episode 2

Take a listen Anna and Courtney’s our conversation with the founder of the Earth Group, Kori Chillibeck and Matt Moreau. The Edmonton-based entrepreneurs have taken their local business global with their goal to end work hunger. Don’t have 18 minutes to spare? Keep scrolling to take a look at some noteworthy quotes and photos from Earth … Continue reading Pillars Pod: Episode 2